Preserving the Gamefowl while experimenting to improve the breeds. We encourage high performance gameness in our fowl, but not for the bloody sport of cockfighting. It is our mission to find new opportunities for gamefowl in a modern world.

What is the Gamefowl?

Everyone has had the experience of being called a chicken. The chicken has become the symbol for cowards, and rightfully so…
The average chicken is nervous and cowardly in the face of an opponent. But not all.

The original chicken was not a chicken at all, but a wild fowl (Gallus Gallus). Hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection had transformed this dinosaur descendant into a beautifully feathered yet athletic specimen of the southern jungles of Asia. They were first domesticated for entertainment purposes. Like most males in the wild; the cock was chosen for his willingness to defend his territory from invading males. After centuries of selective breeding, man had developed the Gamefowl; a breed as proud and tough as the men who raised them. There are various gamefowl breeds all over the world in different sizes, color and styles but one thing is common.. They are all Game; ready to follow instinct flawlessly.