Dead Cat Fig

A volunteer tree that has proven itself as one the best fruit bearing tree on the farm. This tree was selected for propagation and is now available for sale.

The name “Dead Cat Fig” was invented by father. In 2004, I had recently buried my old black cat, Fogart, and soon afterward this volunteer tree started growing on the spot.  Although the true breed is unknown, we can safely assume a white Kadota fig as the mother tree; the father tree being a local caprifig.

Tree is large and vigorous and produces extra large, sweet purple fruit in the hundreds each year. No Breba (early season) figs are produced so the tree can focus on new shoots after winter pruning and plentiful main crop in the summer.

Cuttings were taken in winter and have been rooting in breathable bags. Each bag contains 2-3 live trees that can be planted together or separate.  Allow for gradual transplant into full sunlight as the young leaves are still sensitive upon arrival.



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