Shubin Hatch

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The Shubin hatch is a breed I have been developing for the past 10 years. They are well blended cross of green leg (GL) Hatch, Regular Grey, and Leiper bloodlines from my very first gifted fowl. The line is based on a male lineage from my first Leiper Broodcock acquired in Norco, CA from well known (but remains unnamed) breeder. The most famous Shubin Hatch was Fabio, and his genetics were selected as the base for every bloodline at Shubin Farms.

Shubin Hatch breed consistent in every regard except leg color, which varies from green to blue, to slate, but is always dark.. no yellow leg bloodlines were ever infused. These fowl are kept on the larger side and tend to be in the 6 lbs range. Although Fabio broodcock reached 7 lbs. Despite relatively heavy weight, I kept the Shubin Hatch long and lean, which can be seen in leg, back and wing length.

All Shubin Hatch roosters have left leaning pea comb, white earlobes and med-high station. Hackle ranges from red to golden red (lemon hackle).

Shubin Hatch hens are typically partridge (dark breasted) or a dark wheaton, but never light buff colored. Dark penciled hackles remain from original grey hens.

Current Broodstock (cock and hen)

Current Broodpen (video)


2016 Shubin Hatch Stag


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