The Warrior

The Warrior…. Many modern-day people are expected to harbor prejudices against that role. But bear in mind that the warrior is not the perpetrator of war, but the representative of archetypal forces which play their role in Universe and thus also in human society, a role that, paradoxically enough, is healthy when it serves non-destructive purposes. To come to grips with the difference between war and warrior is one of many realizations that it is imperatively necessary for humans to make if humanity is to maintain our animalistic fire and intensity, so deplorably often dismissed as unwanted passion by humans who would like to cleanse humanity of animal vigor. If we want to, we can create an alternative to diminution and elimination of our feral Life-Force.

Part of the Life-Force is the qualities of the warrior, whose role is, if it can be kept within boundaries that fall short of actual war, contrary to popular belief, a healthy one, though real and full-scale war is definitely something to be avoided. We ought to be able to distinguish between war and the warrior. That means to accept the warrior in ourselves and if need be, cultivate it without escalating it to purposeless destructive action. –



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